salesforce tutorial

Salesforce Tutorial

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can be described simply as a means of storing and accessing the data through the internet. It is a perfect way to deliver enterprise applications and the desired solution for companies expanding their infrastructure.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the best cloud computing platforms providing CRM solutions for enterprises. It has become immensely popular and has spread over the globe at a rapid pace.

Its services allow a business to utilize cloud technology to connect better with customers, partners, and potential users. This software has become the number one tool for customer success and helps every business track their customers’ activity.  

Initially, salesforce ran its services as a CRM which worked on the basis of Software as a service (SAAS). It now provides a platform for developers to develop and distribute custom software. 

Salesforce Career

Today, growing a business is not easy and it involves boosting your company’s sales in an efficient and systematic way by gathering leads. But, the question here is, how do you actually do it? If you do thorough research on today’s CRM softwares, Salesforce emerges as a clear winner. Salesforce is a highly recommended CRM software for businesses all over the world. This is because it enables you to close your sales in a much easier and quicker manner. Due to the high demand for this technology, salesforce developer is one of the top jobs today with numerous opportunities all over the world. Now, let’ have a look at the responsibilities of a salesforce developer.  

Responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer

The following are the core responsibilities of a salesforce developer:

  1. Analyze the company’s processes and develop CRM workflows and custom solutions for particular business needs.
  2. Work collaboratively with other team members to create scalable, custom processes for the company.
  3. Testing and implementing software development efforts including installation, maintenance, testing, configuration, debugging, and coding.
  4. Producing technical documentation and managing timelines.
  5. Developing complex CRM solutions and performing reviews of the data by working closely with business teams to ensure the best data solutions are offered.
  6. Maintaining user roles and ensuring there are no security breaches.
  7. Create technical strategies and plans for the IT team and other departments to address any organization-wide issues and making the processes more efficient.

Skills Needed to Become a Salesforce Developer

Employers hiring salesforce developers look for the below technical and specialised skills:

  1. Salesforce
  3. Apex
  4. Visualforce
  5. Lightning
  6. Java / C# / OOP
  7. JavaScript
  8. JQuery / AngularJS / Bootstrap
  10. Web services
  11. Eclipse IDE
  12. HTML5
  13. CSS
  14. Migration tools

The general business skills needed to become a salesforce developer are as follows:

  1. Communication
  2. Problem-solving skills
  3. Project management skills
  4. Creativity
  5. Writing
  6. Teamwork
  7. Customer service
  8. Organisational skills

Salesforce Developer Certification Path

Salesforce certification is regarded as the benchmark that recognizes the expertise and skills of today’s cloud professionals. Salesforce developers can achieve their goals by proving their experience with salesforce and getting a competitive edge that leads to new and exciting opportunities. So, prove your mastery of this role by earning the below salesforce certifications.

  1. Platform Developer I

The Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I credential is modeled for the individuals who have experience, skills, and knowledge developing programmatic and custom declarative applications on the platform.

  1. Platform Developer II

The Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II credential is planned for those with advanced knowledge and skills in the platform’s programmatic capabilities and data-modeling practices.

  1. Platform App Builder

The Salesforce Platform App Builder certification is for individuals who can demonstrate knowledge and skills in building, designing, and implementing custom applications with the help of the salesforce platform’s declarative customization capabilities.

  1. Marketing Cloud Developer

The Certified Marketing Cloud Developer credential is modeled for the ones who have hands-on experience developing across the entire platform. They create dynamic, personalized landing pages and messages, and are quite fluent in Marketing Cloud scripting languages. Also, they have experience in data configuration, analytics and reporting, and advanced segmentation.

  1. B2C Commerce Developer

The Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer certification is for the professionals who have experience as full-stack developers for Salesforce Commerce Cloud Digital.

Advantages of Salesforce Certification

Acquiring a salesforce developer certification provides several long-term benefits. Let’s have a look at them now:

  1. Hands-on experience with the help of a training course
  2. Gain in-depth knowledge of the platform
  3. Optimize salesforce implementation
  4. Enhance your analytical skills
  5. Become proficient in handling customers
  6. Automatically updated knowledge base
  7. Obtain a job easily
  8. Validate your expertise
  9. Earn higher salaries

Salesforce Developer Salary Trends

The below figure demonstrates the salesforce developer salary trends for this year.

salesforce developer salary

The average salary of a salesforce developer stands at $115,367 / year in the US. In India, salesforce developers are earning INR 7,68,683 on average per year.

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