salesforce developer training

Salesforce Developer Training

Introduction to Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM solution that brings organizations and customers together. Level up your salesforce skills and become a developer to land in one of the most lucrative careers today. According to the current job market, Salesforce roles continue to be in tremendous demand and this is getting bigger every day. Join us on the path to becoming Salesforce certified by taking our expert-led Salesforce training.

Key Features of Salesforce Developer Training

  • 30 hours of instructor-led live online training.
  • Practice Sessions Include working on salesforce software.
  • Access to live recordings of the sessions.

Salesforce Platform Developer I Course Curriculum

Salesforce Platform Developer I (Apex & Visualforce)

Session 01 – Getting Started with Salesforce
Session 02 – Building Data Model in Salesforce
Session 03 – Data Management in Salesforce
Session 04 – Introduction to Apex
Session 05 – Data Types and Login Control in Apex
Session 06 – Classes
Session 07 – Object Relationships and SOQL SOSL
Session 08 – DML and Debugging
Session 09 – Apex Triggers
Session 10 – Exception Handling
Session 11 – Testing Apex
Session 12 – Deployment
Session 13 – Visualforce Pages and Controllers

Course related FAQ’s

Who can learn?
Why should you learn?
Course Objectives
Acquire Skills
Who can learn?
This salesforce platform developer course is applicable for individuals who are looking to build a career in salesforce application development.
  • App Builders
  • Developers
  • Technical Architects
  • System Admins
  • IT Managers
  • Product Managers
Why should you learn?

This course is essential for individuals who are willing to prepare for Salesforce Platform 1 developer Certification. Pursuing this course will enable you to clear the certification and earn yourself a Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Credential . Here is the link to the exam guide:

Course Objectives

After the course completion, the participants will gain a complete understanding of designing and implementing applications on the Salesforce platform. You will gain in-depth knowledge of the following:

  1. Create and manage user interface, security model, data model, etc.
  2. Gain an understanding of business process automation options.
  3. Learn about Salesforce CRM data validation.
  4. Implementation of Master-detail relationship.
  5. Gain knowledge of dashboard, Reports, and various integration options like REST APIs, SOAP.
  6. Understand the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

This course will also prepare you for various Salesforce Developer-1 certification

Acquire Skills

By the time you complete this course, you will learn the following skills:

  • Become a master of APEX programming.
  • Understand the Salesforce query and data model languages.
  • Write test coverages.
  • Learn about Debugging, Test Classes, and Triggers.
  • Use Visualforce with APEX controllers.
  • Configure the Salesforce development environment.
  • Understand the Order of Execution of Rules and Triggers.

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