Angular Interview Questions and Answers

If you are searching for the best interview questions for an Angular web developer career, then you are at the right place. Here, you will find the most frequently asked questions on AngularJS, below listed are some of them.

Q1. What is angular?

Angular is an open-source type-script based web application framework created by google. It offers simple and effective ways of building front-end web applications.

Q2. What is the best way to catch an error from Angular service’s function that returns observable from an http.get?

Ans: Show a friendly message to the user.

Q3. Which is the correct syntax for binding using interpolation?


<h3>Current User: {{userName}}</h3>

Q4. Which lifecycle hook fires whenever a change occurs to any of the component’s input properties?

Ans: ngOnChanges

Q5. How is the root application module different from other Angular modules used in an application?

Ans: It defines the component used to bootstrap, or launch, the application.

Q6. What is the purpose of a route guard?

Ans: To perform logic determining whether a user can access a route, or navigate away from a route.

Q7. Which of the following will result in the style classes “main” and “tall” being added to the DOM node.


[ngClass]="'main tall'"

Q8. How do you load an NgModule into its own bundle?

Ans: Use lazy loading with the route that leads to the NgModule

Q9. What does this syntax “routerLink=”/crisis-center”” accomplish?

Ans: The syntax navigates to the component with a path matching the assigned string.

Q10. What must be done before injecting and using the HttpClient service?

Ans: Import HttpClientModule into an NgModule

Q11. What is the purpose of Reactive Extensions (RxJS) in an Angular application?

Ans: Create and manipulate streams of events and data using observable sequences and fluent query operators.

Q11. What is an appropriate way to break up a large view into smaller pieces?

Ans: Child Components.

Q12. When you create a component OrdersComponent, what else must you do to tell Angular that the component exists?

Ans: Import orders.component in an NgModule and list theOrdersComponent in its declarations array.

Q13. Which of the following allows you to format data in a template?

Ans: A Service.

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